CESEFOR is a non‐profit private foundation established since 2003. Its administrative body includes the Province of Soria, the University of Valladolid and two private companies. Its mission is to develop the forestry sector and the industry built upon the exploitation of forestry resources for a greater contribution to the sustainable development. Improve the management and sustainable exploitation of forestry resources; improve the competitiveness and development of the industrial base; increase the degree of sustainable industrialization for forestry products. CESEFOR developed the Biomass Plan (2009-2020) for the Region Castilla y León. In Castillia y Léon there are 4.808.000 ha of forest (forest coverage 50%), consisting for 35% of conifers and 65% of hardwood. More than half (2.460.000 ha) makes part of EU Natura 2000. All our projects and services since 2003 have improved the sustainable management and exploitation of the forest resources.


Supported by the DI-XL project related with the dissemination and exploitation of LLP results through libraries


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